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Updated on: 09th Dec 2016.
Effective Date: 09th Dec 2016.
We may transfer your website(s) to us upon request. Website transfers are subject to the Fees set out on the respective Product Page.

You agree to give us access to your account with the previous host, so we can create a backup copy, transfer your website(s) and make all configurations necessary for your website to work on our Servers. If we are not able to create a backup copy for reasons outside our control, you agree to make one available for us. Java and ASP.NET are not supported on our servers. If your previous host uses cPanel, we will make a backup copy of your account through cPanel. Restoring that backup on our servers will replace any data previously uploaded to your account.

The data to be transferred must be less than the permitted size of your Hosting Services. Transfer of your domain name(s) to Zaha Web Consultants and installation of external SSL certificate(s) are not included in our website transfer service and can be ordered separately from products page.

We may refuse to transfer your website(s), if your website(s) require configuration that is not compatible with our Servers or if in our reasonable opinion such transfer will require more resources than website transfers for similarly situated customers. In case we cannot transfer your website(s), any website transfer fees will be refund.



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